Due to the volume of emails we receive, we cannot answer questions seeking medical advice or opinion in any form. Our admin team will be happy to answer your questions regarding media appearances, classes, schedules, and other course-related work. PLEASE review the FAQ page before emailing -- most of your answers are there!

Note:  We do not and will not teach in the following locations due to draconian gun laws and oppressive taxes:  Canada, CaliforniaConnecticut, Chicagoland area (Cook County), District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.  However, we acknowledge that good people are trapped in these states and we attempt to teach classes regularly within a few hours drive or over the border.

Training is only open to legal, US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) per ITAR  (22 CFR §§120-130).  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we deem belligerent, rude, noncooperative, troublesome, potentially or demonstrably disruptive to our class environment, and/or whose behavior poses any threat to our staff or students' safety and well-being.